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HG Trans is a premium logistics provider that offers transportation and logistics solutions since 1997. The company, initially founded with its headquarters  in Munich, opened its contact office in Istanbul  to deliver better service to its customers in Turkey and has quickly become one of the leading companies in the sector, under the name of HG Trans International Transport Company.

Our company, operating for more than 30 Years in the international transport sector and specialised in expedition, aims at delivering the highest quality of service with the most reasonable prices possible and hoping to become one of the major companies with its professional experience in the international market.

As HG Trans , our mission is to provide our customers with the best possible transportation solution.

With a dynamic and experienced team using the assets of the latest technology, HG Trans  has become the trend-setter in the sector of transport by bringing the client-oriented approach in Europe into Turkey.

Safety, service and trust being its priorities, HG Trans  has successfully managed all of its transport projects in The USA, in the Far East, in Europe, Turkey and especially in the Middle East, in Iran, Syria and Iraq.

Our company decreed an Certificate from Chamber of commerce Munic for training  employees for Spedition/Logistic in our company

Who is Hakan GÜÇLÜ ?

Past time

HG Trans Hakan GüçlüWho is HGTrans CEO (Hakan Güçlü )beginning  1988 he have began his forwarding education by a branch of a english company with name Davies Turner German branch   (Road/Air/Sea/Railway/Waterway) transportation and /Finance & Accounting) training.

1990 he have finished his education by chamber of commerce in Munic/Germany for getting better experience in  the turkis and near middle east market he was employed  1991 by German Turkish forwarding company.

Between 1991 – 1996 he passed following experience in

  • Business English
  • Marketing
  • Dangerous Goods course TÜV Bayern,
  • European tax rules
  • German custom formalites and rules
  • 1996 he got the certificate of forwarding trainer/teacher from Chamber of
  • Commerce IHK/Munic. (Ausbilder zum Speditionskaufmann-/frau)
  • Languages: German, English, Turkish

1997 he founded  hgtrans with initials of Hakan Güçlü in Munic/Germany, at the beginning we have oriented aus asspecialy for middle east and turkish market , afterwards he founded a branch 1999 in Turkey.

1999 Software Developer / start for a Forwarding software.

Present time

CEO Hakan Güçlü participated 2012-2015 by  events ( Beykoz Lojistik/Forwarding school) . Between 2012-2015 he was ready to give his education training by HG Trans for  graduates from Beykoz Lojistikt school . We have employed today young peoples to give them a chance to learn professional this job . We are ready to give them all experience,s as information and in practice  in our company   that they get the best porfessional training in her job  for the future.

Request about our Services
For International requests , Please fill the mentioned below request form to get alternative transport way and eco Prices.

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